In my role as Brisbane Branch Manager with Qudos Bank I have worked closely with Stellios Pavlakis over the past three years.

Stellios is an authorised representative of Clearview,  a company who supports the Financial Planning needs of Qudos Bank members nationally.

During this time I have been very impressed with Stellios's  skills , knowledge,  and his level of professionalism.

I get regular positive feedback from our members,  delighted that Stellios has helped them with a particular financial challenge or has assisted in getting them on the right financial path to fulfilling their financial goals.

Patrick Fitzgibbons, QUDOS Bank

We first met Stellios in November 2010, on a handover from our previous Adviser.

Planning had been with Comcorp for some time, but our previous Adviser had decided to leave Comcorp.
Since this time we have had many discussions with Stellios, and have great confidence in his research and advice.
We highly recommend Stellios as a Financial  Planner.

Brendan and Dayle, Greensborough, VIC
Clients since 2010

I created my account with Clearview in 2008 and Stellios became my financial adviser in 2011. It has proved to be a healthy and rewarding relationship.

Stellios presents himself well, and conveys his message/knowledge in a friendly, conversational, and helpful manner. He is very approachable for information, and ensures all enquiries raised are followed-up and answered.
Another important factor in doing business with Stellios is that he has friendly, reliable, courteous staff who respond to all requests in a prompt and professional manner.

Ross & Trish, Capalaba
Clients since 2010

For the past 4 years I have been a client of Stellios Pavlakis.

At all times he has considered my own personal goals as a priority with his recommendations and advice.
During the past 12 months of personal tragedy with the loss of my wife due to a terminal illness I will be eternally grateful to Stellios  for his empathy and understanding to ensure my changing financial situation was given top priority unreqested by me.
A recent experience with Centrelink was reversed to my complete satisfaction after Stellios suggested I go back and state my case and supplied correct information.
I value his friendship and professionalism,and have no hesitation in recommending Stellios to future clients.

Reginald, Boondall
Client since 2012

Stellios is a dedicated and hard-working professional. His knowledge and expertise enable him to achieve the best outcomes for his clients.  He is driven to provide excellence in every aspect of his client relationships.  Stellios is a financial adviser of the highest integrity, I have recommended his services in the past and it is my pleasure to do so again.

Flavia Formica, Flavia Formica Business Coaching

I am delighted to be able to praise the services of our financial adviser, Mr Stellios Pavlakis.

My wife and I have been using Stellios for around 2 to 3 years. He was working in conjunction with my employer and we were tasked with sending our clients to him for financial advice and services. This prompted my wife and I to start getting advice from Stellios as we were approaching retirement and had not put any plans in place to maximise our retirement income.

Recently I have retired and my wife who is younger has decided to continue to work, allowing me fishing and golf time. We are in a much better position after obtaining guidance and recommendations from Stellios.

Stellios is an honest hardworking young man who has given us the opportunity to maximise our retirement income as well as continuing to gain a very satisfying return on our modest nest egg.
Stellios Pavlakis is a good friend and an extremely capable, honest and hardworking financial advisor/planner. We thoroughly recommend his services if you are looking to set yourself on the way to a happy and comfortable retirement.

Ross & Christine, Carina
Clients since 2013

While Colleen and I were still working we combined our super into the Superannuation Division of a Major Insurance Company. We found, however, that the advisors only seemed to stay around for about six months so every time you wanted advice there was a new "rep" with different advice generally to the previous person. Through BUPA we were invited to a Clearview Seminar and shifted both our Superannuation into Clearview.
Shortly after joining Clearview we met Stellios. His quiet but knowledgeable manner impressed us right from the start. Both Colleen and I felt at ease and found he was able, in the majority of cases, to answer our many questions straight off and back it up with figures. On the odd occasion we asked him a question from "left field", he would chase it up for us and be straight back with the answer.
We meet with Stellios generally every three months or so to make sure we are on the right track with up-to-date information and we can then fine tune any alterations that may prove necessary. Stellios also keeps us informed of and invites us to Clearview seminars and presentations as they arise.

When the time came to turn our Super into Super Pensions, Stellios helped us to develop our budget and suggested the breakup of withdrawals from each of our funds so that our expenses were covered while still able to have some savings each month to put away for holidays or major purchases. His suggestions were so satisfactory we are still on the same monthly figures we started with all that time ago.

I feel it has been very successful for us working with Stellios and he is always very reachable.  We look forward to our meetings as although he is very quietly spoken, he is able to give us confidence in his information. Stellios always comes over as a committed family man which I think is very important for a long term business relationship. It has been very comforting to know that he has our welfare at heart.

We are hopeful that our relationship will carry on successfully for many years.

Vic & Colleen, Kenmore
Clients since 2010

Stellios became our financial adviser by default actually.  I was handed over to Stellios by my previous adviser when my finances were handled by ComCorp.  He was leaving the company and advised me that he had given my account to Stellios and that I should be quite happy as he had trusted Stellios to look after his parents finances. As I had trusted him, I was happy to have Stellios take over on his recommendation.

To date, I have been very happy and confident with Stellios's handling of my portfolio, including my pension account.  He is always happy to answer my queries, and if he is busy will always call back when he gets a chance or has an answer to my queries etc.

Bert & Sue, Gold Coast
Clients since 2007

Stellios Pavlakis has been my financial advisor for over five years and has delivered excellent results and exceptional service to me during that time.
His professional qualifications and skills ably support this high level of service as does the support of his team and the Clearview network.

Andy & Marilyn, The Gap
Clients since 2010

We were approaching retirement and felt that we needed help to unravel all the complications of super, pensions and investments.   We had always had a mistrust of Financial Planners but felt Stellios to be trustworthy, approachable and knowledgeable.  We have been working together for three years and the results so far have been very positive.  Stellios is very respectful and only too willing-and-able to help us understand the mine field out there!

Teresa & Douglas, Riverhills
Clients since 2012

We inherited Stellios when we were clients of Clearview and were referred to Stellios because our current financial adviser moved on.

Since that time I have come to appreciate his advice because he is, in my opinion, completely in touch with my needs and philosophies and is able to communicate at exactly the right level of my very limited expertise.

I am currently in a parlous health position and feel completely confident in the structures Stellios has set up for the future, and I am more than happy to have him handling my financial affairs with my wife when the time comes that I am unable to make those decisions on my own. His honesty and integrity have made him a valuable part of our retirement strategy.

Wayne & Kerry, Kedron
Clients since 2010

We are very happy to share our experience with Stellios.  Stephen was going to be offered a voluntary redundancy.  We were both in our sixties and still working and we had to think about the repercussions should Stephen accept.  We had previously visited our accountant to get some advice but were bitterly disappointed with the lack of information and direction we were given, and then to be charged was not what we had been looking for.
So when we were notified our credit union was running a free seminar on financial planning we thought we would attend, and even though we were away we thought it worth travelling back to attend.  We were really impressed with the amount of information presented by Stellios and how approachable he was.  It is really nice to have information presented to you with the assumption you don't know all the ins and outs of financial planning!
At the seminar Stellios made it clear he was very happy to have an individual session with attendees at no charge if we wanted so we booked an appointment.    We were inundated with information and ideas.  Stephen took the voluntary redundancy so we went back to Stellios, again he spent quite some time outlaying ideas and a direction.  He printed us up the scenarios we had discussed and we went home and looked at the information, we never felt under any pressure to accept what was being suggested.
By now we were convinced we had received really good advice and were very happy to accept the proposals Stellios had presented so we advised him we would very much like him to be our financial adviser and to put in place the plans he had proposed.
Since we have been following the plan Stellios put in place we have been invited to attend free seminars where very informed speakers have given us information about the markets and what is happening with our investments and why.  Stellios has come to our home to ask the questions about what may have changed in our lives that may affect our financial plan and to see if anything needs changing.
We are very happy we decided to make the effort to attend that free seminar that put us in touch with Stellios, we feel we are in control of our finances but have Stellios at the end of the telephone if we want to change something. It is very reassuring for us to know we have Stellios on our team and we are very happy with the plan he presented to us, it has proven to have obvious benefits. 

Di & Steve, Jimboomba
Clients since 2013

Having worked closely with Stellios for many years in the Private Clients arena, I found him to be a true professional. He makes an easy job of relating to clients in his seemingly casual approach - but behind this is a dedication to detail, honesty and integrity rarely found these days. He is passionate about helping clients and meeting them at their level - and goes above and beyond in finding solutions, adding value and getting them in a position to fulfil their financial goals. It was a pleasure working with him.


David Southwood, BUSSQ Super

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